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In a rapidly evolving cultural, business and legal landscape, leaders and organizations are demanding learning and training that is innovative and future ready related to diversity and inclusion initiatives and programs. Our cutting-edge program is designed to uplevel leadership skills and organizational development with the latest in research and best practices. We prepare individuals, organizations, and communities to thrive in a future of psychological safety and belonging.

Alexa Young, Executive Coach

"This is the first training that really gave me the practical tools that I needed."
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Welcome to 901 Consulting, where we tackle the pivotal challenges that today's dynamic workplaces face in fostering environments of trust, psychological safety, and effective collaboration. At 901 Consulting, we recognize the profound impact that 2020 had on the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) industry. Significant social and political upheavals have brought DEI issues to the forefront, leading to a rapid, albeit sometimes hasty, expansion of DEI initiatives that may not fully address underlying issues or could even unintentionally widen divides.

Our comprehensive approach looks into the root causes, such as the reactive expansion of DEI programs and the divisive effects of cancel culture which can stifle open dialogue and exacerbate workplace divisions. Additionally, we address the critical gap in effective communication skills that are essential for nurturing a culture of empathy, active listening, and the ability to handle sensitive discussions constructively. Without these skills, discussions around crucial topics like race, gender, and cultural differences can deteriorate, leading to environments that lack true inclusivity and psychological safety.

Through our tailored 5 Hour JEDI course, 901 Consulting aims to revolutionize your organization's approach to DEI. We provide practical tools and strategies designed to realign DEI initiatives and improve communication skills across the board. Our goal is to transform your workplace into a model of inclusivity where psychological safety and trust are paramount, leading to tangible benefits such as enhanced employee satisfaction, increased innovation, and higher productivity. These improvements in workplace dynamics naturally contribute to a lower turnover rate and ultimately, greater profitability. Partner with us at 901 Consulting to create a workplace where every employee thrives, and collaboration and innovation are part of the everyday culture.

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