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Let's talk about it.

"Talking about race, oppression or belonging doesn't have to be difficult or divisive. We are here to provide tools and guidance to empower your journey and inspire conversation."

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Let's talk about race.

Explore the profound journey of race in our collective history — a concept that began as a lie crafted to justify oppression and evolved into a pervasive social construct used both as a weapon of division and a tool of control. Take a look as we delve deep into the origins and transformations of racial categorization, tracing its roots back to moments in history where power dynamics shaped human interactions and societal structures. We uncover how what started as a fabricated hierarchy to enable economic and social domination has become entrenched in global cultures and institutions, influencing perceptions and interactions to this day. Join us as we explore the history of race and the three main philosophies of what makes up "race". Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge to challenge and dismantle these oppressive systems.

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Let's talk about systems of oppression


While discussing systems of oppression and their deep-rooted impact on our lives can be challenging, it is essential for fostering understanding and catalyzing change in our society. Acknowledging the intricate ways in which trauma and oppression influence behavior and societal structures opens the door to transformative conversations. By engaging in open and honest dialogue, we not only deepen our awareness but also empower ourselves to dismantle these systems. Let's embark on this critical journey together, exploring how we can dismantle oppressive structures and build a community that upholds justice and inclusivity for all.

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Let's talk about Belonging.

Belonging is the cornerstone of thriving communities and fulfilling personal experiences. It transcends mere inclusion, inviting each of us to become an active and valued participant in the spaces we inhabit. This journey towards true belonging requires us to embrace diversity, engage with empathy, and contribute meaningfully to our collective endeavors. By committing to this path, we not only ensure our own security and support but also bolster the strength and resilience of our community. Let us unite in this vital pursuit of belonging, where every voice is heard, every identity is celebrated, and every member is essential to our shared success. Together, we can foster a more connected and vibrant community where everyone thrives.

A Journey of a Lifetime Awaits! Let's Go! 

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